Dose of Colors creates cruelty-free cosmetics that are user friendly, functional and always on trend.
We love developing products that require minimal effort yet deliver maximum results.
We are determined to bridge the gap between artistry, efficacy and comfort one product at a time

Viviscal & Toppik

Give life to your hair with the most avant-garde products 
from Viviscal for hair growth, as well as their extension with 
Toppik Hair Fibers

OBAGI Medical

The most pwoerful mask with 30% Vitamin C! Exfoliates the skin radically, as well as minimizes wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Discover the wide range of fantastic OBAGI Medical Vitamin C products!


The No.1 brand in the world for paramedical skincare!

Made in Los Angeles, California, DMK uses a powerful combination of botanical and pharmaceutical ingredients designed to match your skin chemistry!

Paula's Choice

We discover the truth about skincare and share all the facts with you along the way – because keeping your skin healthy should not be a mystery.

The best self-tanners of the summer

They will give your skin a tan and bronze glow!

Look radiant, without the sun damage!

Loving Tan

Loving Tan brings the Australian sun at any time of the year, providing the professional formula for a deep, beautiful, natural-looking tan!

HD Brows

The number 1 eyebrow brand in the UK! One formula may not fit every style, so HD Brows has developed a full range so you can do it all.


RevitaLash® Cosmetics offers an extensive collection created to improve the health and natural beauty of your eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.
Amazing results in no time!


Made in California, every product is designed to be 100% pure, with high concentrations of clinically studied active ingredients, to promote vital and healthy skin. Keeping it simple!


Skintra demystifies the unrealistic goal of perfect skin. Each product has a wide range of features, with a host of ingredients, that regardless of your age, gender or skin condition, you will easily find the right product for you!

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The Importance of Niacinamide

The Importance of Niacinamide

Niacinamide is necessary for the proper function of fats and sugars in the body, as well as the maintenance of healthy cells. Niacinamide is formed when more niacin is consumed than the body requires. Niacinamide, unlike niacin, does not help with the treatment of...

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The Importance of Exfoliation

The Importance of Exfoliation

Due to a slowdown in skin cell turnover as we age, dull skin results from an accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface. If you aren't exfoliating, even if you are washing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen, your skin won't be as healthy as it could be. If you...

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Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne

Putting together a successful anti-acne skin care routine might seem like an overwhelming task, but based on extensive research, one thing is certain—without a doubt, one of the best and most effective ingredients to start with is benzoyl peroxide.How Does Benzoyl...

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Adult acne

Adult acne

Despite what you might have read, the best acne products for adult acne don’t differ whether you’re an adult or a teenager. Why some people get acne and to what degree is as much a mystery for adults as it is for teens (there are theories but nothing really 100%...

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